Thursday, June 18, 2020

then . now . until death .

I) then

how we built our castles
on sighs, on moans, 
on galloping pulse
on warm breath, on sweat
on flying notes of laughter
skimming undulations
through hot moist passageways
  we built our castles 
  on a bubble of ether

II) now

lips pout less for kisses
more in disapproval
the tongue pierces less to seek
more to blame
eyes don't look into
don't look at, don't look for
in the fast fading light 
  the bubble of ether glints and
  a wink later, castle no more

III) until death

lets start again
you stay your way
i leave to find mine
or we 
bring together
love's scattered acres 
some mine some yours
  to share common ground 
  to build on.

© 2008 Padmavani Karkera
last edit 18.06.2020

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