Saturday, May 30, 2020

go-to room

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash
There are times 
to get away from rooms
that are lived in by humans
even if they are, or especially
if they are, as they say,
rooms with character.

A bare room with white walls and a window,
never lived in, is all.

Don't mind 
cellar spiders with spindly legs
watching delirious moths
knocking themselves on the tube light.
Lizards darting around
flicking their tongues at flying spots.

Don't like musty; open the windows.
Don't like dusty; sweep and mop.

It is a warm still night.
Switch off the lights.
Sit on the red oxide floor
facing the window, naked,
like a Botero painting.

Sip the wine straight from the bottle
Feel the weight of it on the wrist.
Swigging would be easy and quick.
but it's a leftover from our last evening.

But that's not why I sip.
I am ruminating.
The stars overwhelmed by
the ambient glow thrown up by humans.

I lick the mouth of the bottle.
Sniff deep at the remnant fumes.
Lie down on the floor.
Let the bottle roll off.

Feel the light breeze
beginning to stir the leaves outside
shifting the humid air inside.
I turn on my side and fall asleep
with my arm folded under my head.

I rest easy in empty rooms
not colonised by human minds.

© 2020 Padmavani Karkera

Written in response to Poetics: Make some room at


  1. Nice lines: "The stars overwhelmed by
    the ambient glow thrown up by humans."

  2. after parting the loneliness can be overwhelming... sleep might be the best cure.


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