Saturday, April 11, 2020


two boy's walking on green grass field
Photo by Kevin Gent on Unsplash
walking the blue ribbon
on pathways in the sky
bending to smell
memories in clouds

i know i sound high
high right up there
where stillness can be broken 
only by insistent summons of my name

like a child woken up 
from deep slumber i resist
but i shouldn't miss
the hope bus

and then it begins
the sound of humans 
crackling without pause
you talk and i hear 

i nod and mumble
i am still up there
walking the blue ribbon 
a childish thought; is this it ?

no. this is us today, now, this moment
you don't know this yet
you are me, i am you
there will be the other moments

still riding the hope bus
i am here back 
in this cacophony for us
will you catch up with me today?

we will be okay
when someday together we 
hum a leaf from love
we will listen like love itself

we wont need to walk the blue ribbons
or smell the clouds
we will walk the earth 
scented and iridescent like flowers 
our eyes in each others palms

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