Wednesday, July 13, 2016

To be that person- Alive

Pic Courtesy: Flickr Commons
I prefer
to close my eyes
to be that person
in a yellow cotton frock
ribbons in the hair
gently crushing an eclair
feeling the gooey chocolate flow
into her mouth.

I prefer
to be that person
revelling in the feel
of the soft cotton maxi
caressing her legs
as she walks leisurely
that breezy Saturday afternoon
on the grass dotted with yellow dandelions.

I prefer
to be that person
at college debating
about freedom and equality for women
as a teacher convince children
that they are cleverer, braver and stronger than
they think they are.

I prefer
to be that person
in pyjamas
whose fingertips caressed
the soft cheeks of her babies
and gently coaxed the knots
out of their hair

I prefer
to be that person
unadorned, undressed
loved and pleasured
drowsy and safe
with her lover

I prefer
to be that person
that daughter
that sister
that teacher
that lover
that mother
that woman

this person on a rubber sheet
being sponge 'bathed'
being rolled over
and turned back
the nurse's hands prodding arm pits and groin
all over a discussion about
the tasteless fish curry
her sister-in-law had made
for lunch today

that is why
I prefer
to close my eyes and imagine
I am that person
whose body is PRIVATE
whose words are SOUGHT
whose presence is RESPECTED
whose mind is ACKNOWLEDGED
I am that person
who is alive
as alive
as the little girl
with ribbons in her hair

© 2016 Padmavani Karkera

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