Wednesday, April 20, 2011

your privacy is mine too

strip, strip, strip
layers factual, layers imagined
thousands of transactions
of blind faith sealed in history
sanctity is not time bound
i will not dwell, allude,
opine, embellish,
and pschoanalyse in 12 pt arial font

you will not be
in a bestseller
not in a forgotten manuscript
in the attic
not even in
the pages of an old diary
pressed between newspapers
bundled up at the paper recyclers

i shall not pry you open
and expose your flesh, your fluids
not even the offending grain of sand
unsaid promises will be kept
you will remain a memory
or forgotten

© 2011 Padmavani Karkera

This one I have posted in for their One Shot Wednesday.


  1. Halleluja, you're back! I've missed you! I love this poem, especially these lines: i shall not pry you open/and expose your flesh, your fluids/not even the offending grain of sand. The analogy of the lovely pearl created by a recurrent irritation is just so inspired.

  2. smiles...i feel like a rejected book...i so want to be read, by the right person of course...

  3. Can I be at least on a Post-it note stashed in a drawer with hundreds of others somewhere. :)

    AWESOME poem!! Really cool where your mind go to.

  4. Thank you Cathy! Nice warm welcome... though warm is not a word you want to use here in humid Mangalore!

  5. Hi Jannie! A post-it huh? sure, if you have been reeeally good to me :P
    Glad you liked the read :)

  6. Brian, thank you...[smiles back :)]was debating in my mind the ethical issues of memoir writing... too much power in the hands of one individual...ugh! too much depending on the vagaries of memory and the highly subjective nature of reality and experience. Hmmm.

  7. well expressed message.
    glad to see you post something new,

    join us today.

  8. i like the topic - the privacy, the intimacy, the 12 pt arial font...they i shall not pry you open...wonderful idea and just perfect with the image...

  9. typo... i meant the i shall not pry you open...ts..ts..

  10. I loved this poem because of its' sanctity. In a world where things that are sacred are flashed across the world like garbage and children are exposed to things they should never be at an early age, it is wonderful to know there are some whose values are strong and who remain faithful to those who are dearest.
    Rumaan's home will always be my absolute favourite poem of yours, but they are all uniquely exquisite!

  11. very beautifully put, especially the last verse which went so well with the image :) liked it.

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  12. hmmmm! A very strong imagery!
    It's the black sheep who gets famous!!

    Thank you for posting that lovely comment at my site!

    Hugs xoox


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