Saturday, March 5, 2011

song of the coral jasmine

we stab in the dark
you hurt i hurt
this night the air simmers 
quietly in the middle

in the silence i hear the dull sound
of a lone raindrop on the roof
the gentle whisper of the night breeze
ruffling the leaves of the fig tree

then weaving in and out
like fragrant silk strands
scent of the coral jasmine blooming
smell of the earth thrown up by the rain

coaxing a love song 
whispered into the quiet
into the hurt, here is my song
here is my soul do as you will

the joy of my eyes
the spring in my step
the strength of my voice
the grace in my body
the calm of my temper
the rush in my blood
the heat of my passion
the warmth in my touch
the music of my song
the colours in my art

my ache
my salve

is you, is you, is you

© 2011 Padmavani Karkera


  1. How utterly beautiful! The coral jasmine is such a vivid image and "is you, is you, is you" is just stunning as an ending! Brilliant poem!

  2. Evocative, vivid, rhythmic. And the repetition of the last line gives it an otherworldly, sustained-through-the-centuries feel.

  3. the repitition at the end there...and the smell of damp likes...

  4. So lovely in its musicality/cadence and imagery. I especially "smell of earth thrown up by the rain": spring rain does just that, releases dirt's fragrance.

  5. Beautiful, I can almost smell this poem - it delights the senses. Lovely.

  6. Amy, Cathy, Brian, Kim, Maureen, Elizabeth thank you all so much :) I struggled with this one for four hours straight...most if it spent chanting 'spring, spring, spring' how do I write about spring and not just sing about the birds and bees and flowers and trees....and then finally things fell in place, by the time I went to bed it was 4am! the idea is how nature insinuates herself into our unconscious and coaxes the truth out for us to acknowledge.

  7. Your poem is beautiful. It gets my senses so involved until I can smell "the scent of the earth thrown up by the rain."

  8. mind blowing style..
    keep it up.

    please share one piece with poets rally today, thanks.

  9. Ditto what Ami said about the ending! Your imagery is as strong as ever and you really do bring to mind the smells you mention in the poem.

  10. ...was here last week to read 'bring a picture of yours' and now while browsing and reading 'lonely people', 'two birds' and 'he is going home on a train' i find a kindred spirit in your work. i will make your site a place to come and read as if in a 'clean, well-lighted place', comfortable with hot chocolate and your 'book of poety' to contemplate even the blades of grass (as in 'lonely people')...keep writing, i love it!

  11. love this, very timeless capture of everything..
    Happy Rally.

  12. Okayyyy.. I am left speechless reading this, Padmavani!! It's stunningly beautiful, and oh so sensuous and ... tender..
    Without some stuttering here, I think I better just read it again.. and again... and .. again...


  13. Absolutely gorgeous poetry! Like Kavita, I'm left speechless, too!

  14. Lovely poem...I totally agree with the above two

  15. Sorry I didn't responded earlier... you all have been so kind and generous with your feedback.
    Shari, Thank you! Promising Poets Parking Lot and Jingle thank you for the invite and your feedback.
    Crafty Geek, thank you for making time.
    Tolbert, I am honoured, I love your poetry as well. But you already know that :)
    Kavitha :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    The Reason You Come: I loved that you were speechless :)
    Cheers all!

  16. Hello Umamaheshwari thank you for dropping by and letting me know!

  17. delightful imagery Padmavani..! I think Kavita has taken what I want to say and posted it already :) beautiful flowing poetry.. Happy Rally!

    Vinay @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  18. I liked this piece a lot.

    I have recently written a few of my own about rain, over at

    I felt that the briefer more pacey end to the poem represented the rain picking up into a downpour after that lone drop that started it.

    Excellent imagery.

    Keep it up!

  19. This was lovely. I can taste spring. Beautifully written.

  20. Dear Padmavani, I have awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award. Please collect it at:
    Sending love over the miles... Elizabeth.

  21. Thank you Vinay, dropsofanguish and Andy!

    Thank you for the award Elizabeth! I am so pleased :)

  22. Such a beautiful piece...full of imagery, emotion, and so subtly telling a story. I love the cadence and rhythm of this. You have a wonderful style! :)


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