Friday, February 18, 2011

what does your poem do to her

Photo by Sash Margrie Hunt on Unsplash
what does your poem do to her
does it
pierce the centre that holds memories
of countless lifetimes
draw sobs like quick jabs of the needle
nudge tears down moistening dry cheeks
unmindful of the kitchen help speculating.

does she
go about her day's work contemplating
a turn of expression, an insight
a furrow between her brows, folding washed linen
deaf and blind to the flour thrown up in the air
floating down to coat screaming joyous faces.

does she
fold her arms across her chest
press her thighs hard and feel
an ache rising from within the rim of hollowness
and miss her lover for the first time
in a long time

does she
kick the table leg and curse
and lose her calm with the oven
pull her hair like she is
taking the devil by her horns
moaning, i should've, could've written that one

does she,
tip-toe away from the numbness of her day
and go back to read your poem
a human to a hive,
familiar yet foreign,
revel in the sweetness and the precious pain

© 2011 Padmavani Karkera

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  1. I really love this poem, Padmavani! So lovely, and an interesting questioning of poetry's effect on the woman reader. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Ami. Glad you liked it!:)

  3. A beautiful poem Padmavani - strong and true,
    insightful and delivered with your unique, meticulous style.

  4. Finally found a minute to stop by and read your latest, Padmavani. It has a nicely sustained rhythm, very readable and accessible, and the kind of call-and-response style you use suits your subject well.

  5. Hello Elizabeth and Maureen
    Thanks you very much for taking the time to read and comment.

  6. ah, don't we all ask these questions sometimes ... let's hope the answer is yes, to all that people/she/ read the poems and enjoy them the way we wish!

  7. i tend to return to poetry to process my day...let the words work therapy on me...

  8. a poem can do so much...
    you' captured the power of words so well...i know what just some poem can do to me..and i think if it's personally it's a hundred times more powerful...sadly no one ever wrote a poem for me..sigh

  9. Interesting and true words!

  10. I don't know about HER, but your poem did all that and more to me!

    Wonderful whimsy and wondering here.


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