Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fairy tale and other poems

I found some poems written years ago and salvaged some. The next couple of poems could date back to 2003.

Fairy Tale
peter pan in neverland
alice in wonderland
you would fly away and forget
i would never wake up to know
it was a dream

tear do not glisten on an eye so soon
what good will it do
like a dew drop that goes unnoticed

wait, wait for the night
and then like a tempest torn from the earth's breast

to be comforted
by the softness of her
goosedown pillow

Put off the lights
put off the lights
let me see
where my life could take me

put off the lights
let my dreams chase me
calling out "take me" "no, me"

put off the lights
let me come alive
as i die for the day

My cinder
in my heart
glows a bit of cinder
fanned gently by my breath

my cinder craves
to burst into flames
and set my soul on fire

to animate my mind
to free my limbs to dance in ecstatic abandonment
to bring forth from my lips a wild song

if my gentle breath
were not enough and
my cinder were to turn to ash

let it be
that my heart go cold
and i breathe no more

Let go
i gather water in the cup of my palm
to splash upon my fevered brow
i feel the water go warm
from the heat of my flesh

i let it seep between my fingers
back into the lazy stream
back where it can sparkle
as it flirts with the sun

© 2003 Padmavani Karkera


  1. What a passionate series of poems! For me, the tenor of each became influenced by the beginning poem. I imagined each speaker a kind of fairy tale character. My favorite is "My cinder." These lines: "to free my limbs to dance in ecstatic abandonment/to bring forth from my lips a wild song" really stand out lyrically. Great work!

  2. Thank you Ami. Your imagination reading my poems beats mine in writing them :) So appreciate your feedback.


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