Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sculptor

Image: Mike Roemer
where is that sculptor?
what does he mean by these feet?
where is my voluptuous stature
he said he would fashion neat?

looks like the rapscallion has turned heel
wait now... where is my cutlet de veal?!
what's this in my hair... a note... says
"my art don't include a beached whale"

© 2011 Padmavani Karkera
hmmmm... well I couldn't let go of this Sunday Picture Prompt at and this is all I could come with at 3:00am. Well, one can have fun with poetry I discovered and I can make mine rhyme a bit..for a change!!! :) For the fun I had I blame Sue J of Toasted Knees whose poem 'directions from above made me laugh :)'


  1. Nice job. Like the artful beginning very much; comparing to sculpture and questioning the stature of it. Thanks for linking up with us today.

  2. ha. an intersting and rather fun take on the prompt...

  3. Thank you Dustus and Brian. As this was my first try at humour in poetry, I was cringing soon after I posted it. So thank you for dropping by and let me know.


  4. i know how it feels to cringe, but this is hilarious~ great job~ xxxj

  5. Padmavani, thank you for participating. I'm delighted you took the challenge. I love the humor in this. Who could not smile? I especially like your first stanza.

  6. Very witty, Padma! Not bad for a 3 am post.

  7. Thank you Jenne, Maureen and Shireen you are all very kind :)

  8. Padmavani, Thank you for visiting my site. I'm new to blogging and I appreciate your commments. Please visit again. ~.^ Helena

    Funny 3 am write lol!


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