Thursday, December 2, 2010

i am your mother, i am

i didnt cry warm tears of joy when you were born
but i didnt fall asleep; i felt i had to keep watch
i didnt breast feed you because i couldn't
but i did wake up to keep you dry everytime you wet yourself 
i didnt sit by your cradle and stare at your face in wonder
but i did rock you to sleep a countless times, everytime you woke up

i didnt buy you a room full of toys and a closet full of clothes
but i did teach you the alphabet and numbers
i didnt buy you chocolates and icecream
but i did read you stories and sing rhymes
i didnt wring my hands and call up the world when you were sick
but made your favourite animal sounds and held the nebuliser to your nose

i put my foot down with you more than once a day
but you have learnt you cant have it all
i cannot give you a dog or a cat that you can chase after
but i taught you to be excited about spiders, lizards and the like
i leave you in the morning and i know you are distressed
but my demented waving and funny faces make you laugh

i come back in the evening and you are asleep 
you are 1 year 11 months and 1 day old
the numbness of my day is torn
the loose ends aching to gather you back into my womb

© 2010 Padmavani Karkera


  1. Hi. Stopping in from She Writes. I would love if you could return the favor by stopping by my blog on Fridays when I usually do a writing prompt.

    I also wanted to tell you about a nice little outlet for woman writers of all types called The Red Dress Club (there's a button on my blog that will take you there). I hope to see you there as well.

    As for your poetry? I think it's beautiful. Please keep writing.

  2. Thank you very much. I dropped by your site...and I look forward to the writing prompt that you mentioned. Sounds interesting :) Cheers.

  3. padmavani...

    I do love your writing, I just read the first one, haven't much time just now. That is beautiful! I'm thinking you're in another country...I'm in USA.

    I have a blog:
    but I'm not that much of a blogger. A friend told me I tell too much about myself, but that is who I am. I'm open. Haven't had time to do much at all there lately, with the holidays and with trying to help 2 ladies get their family works into a book before Christmas. Not going to happen because they've taken too much time in getting me their things, but they will get their proof copies before, that they can share with others. Also, I'm a writer of books, a blog doesn't give me much to write!!! I never know when to stop, you see.

    I am enjoying helping about 5 women with their writings who want to see their works in a book. I have 4 published romance novels (, and can help others do the same. I have 11 more to get published as soon as I have more time and a bit of money that isn't going to bills!

    Definitely keep writing! I've been writing romance novels since I was 14, and just came out and did something about them a few years ago (I'm 57 now). It's awesome to see a book with my stories within the covers! If you are interested in doing the same with your poetry and other things you write, I'm willing to give you pointers and send you to The only thing I've had to spend with them is buying my proof copy (under $4 plus shipping each) and I'm promoting my books through email friends and have my books in a bookstore close to home. It's great! Now that my son is a leer jet pilot with Delta Airlines, I can go anywhere and any time, and I took advantage of that and flew down to Florida and promoted my books. One of the ladies I'm helping was glad for me to come down there and help her learn more about her computer!

    Happy Writing!

  4. I hope you don't mind, I clicked on "Create a Link" and without knowing what I was doing, put a link to my blogspot! Maybe someone will see it (I don't have many people seeing my blog) and come read!


  5. Hello Jan

    You are so generous with your advice. Thank you. I am from India and am based in a coastal town called Mangalore in South India. I have been writing non-fiction off and on i.e. IT and HR related for sometime now. I also work with my husband in running a software development firm and have recently started an HR Consultancy We have a son who will turn two on Dec 31st :)I decided to make my poetry blog public because I needed to know if readers were able to connect to what I writing. So that's me.

    It was truly nice hearing from you and thank you for posting my link on your site.


  6. Hi there, I love the title of your blog and your posting are a joy to read. I'll be returning often. I'm your follower.

  7. Jevans, thank you so much for letting me know. I couldn't ask for more that a reader saying that my posts are a joy to read :). Thank you for including yourself as a follower. I appreciate that.


  8. This is beautiful. I posted yesterday at my blog a poem about and to my own mother about her rejection of me. Your poem soothes my inner child; she understands that you are a wonderful "mere"....

  9. Thank you Jenne. I loved your poem and have left a comment there.

  10. This is absolutely beautiful and stories and songs are remembered much longer than ice cream and lollies. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Another beautiful read. You might like my poem I wrote for my own mother here:


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