Thursday, November 11, 2010

when love is not as imagined

when the one you love does not feel like your soulmate;
would you look for ways to connect
or would you keep trying to find the one?

when living with your love dehydrates your soul;
would you swim in the sand towards the promise of the mirage
or would you conclude that your oasis is elsewhere?

when you are dying bit by bit and he doesn't see it;
would you set out to seek the elixir hidden in the past
or would you stay and infect him as well?

when his life is draining away uncontrolled from between his fingers;
would you hold his hands in yours
or would you agonise helplessly and slip away as well?

what would you do if love feels like a vise?
would you spend your lifetime in its fatal embrace
or would you leave and live the one life you have?

© 2010 Padmavani Karkera

P.S. Dedicated to couples struggling to keep their marriage/relationship alive. So many questions with no definite answers; only choices. Please note that this poem is not a revelation of the writer's personal life or the life of any friend or acquaintance. It has been gleaned from listening to people talk about marriage and relationships and a reasonably active imagination.


  1. it's like you've reached into the very depths of me and pulled this out, raw, eloquent exposed.

  2. Chris, thank you so much for letting me know. When a reader says she was able to connect to my writing... I couldn't ask for more. And this coming from somebody who has been writing for 20 years...this is such a compliment :) It would be so helpful you could connect with me as Follower at the bottom of this page on the right. So that when I post something new you could drop in and let me know your thoughts. Thanks again Chris :)

  3. dang...such a hard question...tough write...and read...but i think the answer will say a lot about your character...real and raw...well done..

  4. WoW! This is full of so much emotion and tough questions so many ask. Whatever decision must be made is a personal choice only.

    Excellently portrayed, Padmavani.

    BTW, I'm the Andy who's already following you.

    I'm here:
    Dancing In My Dreams

  5. Such difficult questions, Padmavani, made more difficult when promises have been made. I think many of us feel this way from time to time, but try to rediscover what used to be. I guess each person can only answer this for her/hisself.

  6. hmmm...very tough questions you propose. I have seen many in that situation and have seen more answer one way than another.

  7. ..tough one.. you had me thinking so deep.. you are adorable!

  8. Beautiful poem filled with profound expertise about love's shakey ground. This poem reminded me so much of a movie that was popular around 15 years ago called: 'The Bridges of Madison County' starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. It is around the same theme. I hope to get chance to watch it if you have opportunity.

  9. Extremely profound. Tough questions and no two couples have the same answers. I relate to all the questions and have found my answers to some of them.. Has not been easy.

  10. Padmavani

    Very thought provoking inded.

    A workable answer is difficult when lot of ego and uncompromising behavior is involved.

    But relationship is all about giving up a few things for the person you love (both I mean) because nobody's perfect and it's hard to meet expectations on both sides.

    The answer will be clear when you decide whether you want to live your life for yourself or want to take your partner on the journey no matter how much he/she measures up to your expectation. That solves half the problem I think.

  11. My skin prickles as I read this, it's raw, hurtful and hurting. This in particular haunts me: would you set out to seek the elixir hidden in the past/or would you stay and infect him as well?

    I recently read that unconditional love is meeting a person where they are at, which struck me as a real,simple truth devoid of so much expectation...

    PS - haven't forgotten your short story...

  12. no one every really wants this and yet so many of us experience it, it is hard to put in words as you have this is fabulous!


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