Thursday, November 11, 2010

let me name the reasons why

there are times
i must remember the reasons why.
why do i love you?
it is the way-
you offer me water first, even when your throat is dry,
the regret in your face after an unfair fight,
the pride in your voice when you speak of me,
the simple way you say "i love you, you know",
the way you soldier on in the face of defeat,
the compassion for people that still shows, despite everything,
that's about it really,
the reasons why i love you.

© 2010 Padmavani Karkera


  1. beautiful! just put things in perspective for me. thank you!!

  2. Well said!! Shows its the simple things in life that touch us most!

  3. beautiful. I know this person. He is my husband. Your site is lovely and so are your poems. They resonate with me.

  4. Hello Anon, Viday, Jevans

    Happy that you all liked this poem and appreciate you all letting me know. Anon/Vidya, I am sure how I missed seeing your commments. Sorry about that :(



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