Thursday, July 1, 2010

lonely people

once upon a time
under the bright sun,
in the path of the balmy coastal breeze,
on a bed of sand,
was a patch of grass.

its blades
glistened in the rain,
fluttered in the breeze,
bent in standing water,
and stood straight again
golden in the sun,
held together by a tangle of dark roots.

then one sunny morning 
a dog chewed on four blades,
a bird playfully plucked one away,
eighty three were smothered 
by a child building 'the tower of pisa'.
six bent in the rain and never stood up again,
seven just dried and died,
so, there were left three blades of grass.
one of each side of the 'tower',
so near,
yet so far away.

so the story goes,
they couldn't do a thing to get back together again,
they all remained aching for each other forever after...
© 2010 Padmavani Karkera

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