Thursday, April 2, 2009

common ground

I) then

how we built our castles
on sighs, on moans, 
on galloping pulse
on warm breath, on sweat
on flying notes of laughter
skimming undulations
through hot moist passageways
  we built our castles 
  on a bubble of ether

II) now

lips pout less for kisses
more in disapproval
the tongue pierces less to seek
more to blame
eyes don't look into
don't look at, don't look for
in the fast fading light 
  the bubble of ether glints and
  a wink later, castle no more

III) forever

lets start again
build the foundation
to build our castle on
the acres in fragments
some mine some yours
build bridges 
bring them together
  to share common ground 
  to build on.

© 2008 Padmavani Karkera
edited extensively on 07.03.2011(there is not much left of the original)


  1. love the whole concepts of building common ground..

    stunning imagery...

  2. This is fantastic. I love what you have created here..a yesterday, today and a hopeful tomorrow!

  3. Great ! loved the way the three parts merged so well to form a whole. building bridges and covering the differences. loved it.

  4. Thank you Jingle, Honeyhaiku and butterflies of time! Thank you for dropping and letting me know.

  5. Lovely poem! You've made a very nice build-up through images of yesterday and today for a better tomorrow. I like the hope for tomorrow and the message that we choose.

  6. Woww.. this is simply too good, Padmavani!! You have perfectly captured a snapshot in time of many a relationship... ahhh.. that bumpy ride!! :)
    Superbly written, my dear..

    May the hopeful tomorrow give rise to more better todays and yesterdays...

  7. Shari and Kavitha
    Thank you very much!

  8. Greetings!

    Thanks for the lovely contribution to potluck on week 25,

    week 26 is open NOW, we treasury your poetry

    and welcome you in in your personal convenience…old poems are welcome!



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