Monday, June 18, 2007

choice on the brink

on the brink of sanity
clarity blinds, voices deafen.
crisp air hurts the chest.

supine on the earth, eyes closed,
face resting on warm concrete,
she sees her gossamer silk dreams
rise and ribbon up into ash.

on the brink of sanity 
she turns back and chooses to
follow flying ash ribbons

© 2006 Padmavani Karkera 

This is an old poem written during my closet writer days :), and I would like to share this with you at Friday Poetically with Brian Miller at One Stop Poetry.

Every day we are presented with opportunities to choose a better life, the right path...we know what we must choose and yet how often we turn away from those opportunities to live with our ghosts...


  1. There is so much in this short poem, and I found myself reading it over and over. One of my favourites Padmavani!

  2. On the brink of sanity
    most choices are made there

  3. I love how she chooses to follow her dreams, however ethereal. Such a short poem but very powerful. So glad you cleaned it of that closet dust and shared it here.

  4. smiles. this has a warm feeling to it in the desire to follow those dreams even if they are ashes...and it does seem at points to be there on the brink...

  5. Writing pushes you on and over the brink dontcha think? :D

  6. The mystic learns how to walk
    In two worlds
    Without abandoning either.
    Just like the eagle soars and wheels
    In bulbous cumulus
    And returns to a friendly tree
    At night to roost.

    OneLove--Tiger Windwalker

  7. that was a comfortable read, a good thing

    Peace, hp

  8. Thank you so much, for taking time to read this poem and letting me know your thoughts...

  9. I really like this...and mostly because it is from your "closet writing days" :) I love the line "crisp air huts the chest". Wonderful.


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