Monday, June 18, 2007

moving on

two beings drowning.

she with a broken heart and unable to give up.
he with one shattered dream and another out of reach.
in passing by each other constantly… happen to touch.

for her, he is more of a straw than an anchor.
for him, she is a place between a dying flame and one flickering far away.
it was a short term affair with no strings attached.

she walks back to the closed door moored by a ghost anchor.
he walks into the door that has opened where his flame keeps him warm.
back to where they believe they belong.

© 2006 Padmavani Karkera.


  1. Ah, sad, but so sweet anyway, padmavani. you whisper this one into my ear like a night bird singing across a dark pond, promising dawn is coming. Lovely poem.

  2. This poem is intensely personal, I sense it may be the story of a dance done many times over. The fact that some of the images contained here
    (an anchor, a ghost anchor) are also in the name of your blog tell me this is no ordinary work; it is a defining work. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt work with us Padmavani.

  3. perhaps they each got a little of what they needed for then from the brief encounter...enough to keep them moving to the next...there is a sadness in the words for sure...

  4. Definite sadness, but both got a taste, can be better than never having it, nice write.

  5. On the surface this seems to be about love and two rather shattered lives but, like Elizabeth, I wonder; it seems to be part of a much larger story.

  6. Awww yes, I agree with other comments, it has such an underlying sadness.

  7. A ghost anchor is such a cool image like the "hook in the sky." Such wonderful poetry, padmavani. the image of it seeming like a straw to you is really neat.

  8. Evocative, intriguing and ultimately hopeful, if I am reading it right. It shimmers. Thanks!

  9. This is sad but at the same time very sweet

  10. It's bound to end one way or another. very nice.


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