Friday, June 22, 2007

as never before

i am taking the 10:30pm to bangalore,
and we will leave to the bus stop together,
as always,

your heart will be heavy and your throat closed,

and we will do some nervous small talk,
as always.

you will wait and wave until you lose sight of me,

and i will see your smile miss a step in your eyes,
as always.

you will call me from your apartment,

and my phone will vibrate on my hand under my cheek,
as always,

we will speak about your dinner and your day,

and you will say 'go fly, i know you can go high',
as always.

i am taking the 10:30 to bangalore,

i wish it didnt have to be so,
as always.

but this time i know you feel the same
as never before.

© 2007 Padmavani Karkera

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