Strappy Heels

I remember
looking at your feet
and noticing how small they were
how the years had flattened your heels
and how they arched gracefully into your toes
toes flat against the ground

I remember you mentioned you started wearing flats
after you married him, so you wouldn't look taller
He passed away and I remember you eyeing
the high heels at stores wonderingly and you bought
a pair that you could afford
How pretty they looked, your feet
How elegant you did

I remember when I was with another woman
who had certain notions about you
How taken aback she was when I picked up
those strappy red heels from that pricey branded store
How you demurred about the price when I gave them to you
We were never for displays of affection
But I knew you loved them

I remember how you wore them
a flair so natural and sweet

© 2019 Padmavani Karkera