who needs writer groups and prompts

I do. Thank you!

The best thing about being a part of writer/writing groups are the prompts. Question prompts such as 'what are the five things you would do if you were told you had a month to live'  would jump start your grey cells and in the process animate your fingers into writing. Armed with an active imagination and faced with imminent mortality, this question bestows the gift of clarity to a writer suffering from the writer's block. Consider the block decimated. 

Image prompts, oh the suffering and the glory of this variety.  And mind you, the prompter in this case has to choose a picture bearing in mind how it lends itself to interpretation, or so I read in a comment by a talented writer. I don't concur with that. We are talking about the mind; anything can be interpreted, anyway.

The same is to be said of comments. If you are just starting off as a writer, it is good to be part of a fraternity that understands and empathises with the trials and travails of writing. An appreciative line can go a long way in keeping a wavering spirit on 'the path'. Visit Mr. Linky on these writing prompts. Don't be fooled by only 60 names linked to their respective blog posts. It is a veritable bee hive. This page creates enough energy to light up desk lamps and power computers in about at least 600 writer homes. Such is the frenzy to share, feed upon, be nourished, feel encouraged, supported, less lonely, less depressed, feel productive; such is the need to write.

Personally, I don't care much for polite comments or praise that sound like cat calls to come read and comment back. Don't get me wrong, I like praise as much as the other person, but I can appreciate it only when I know it is warranted. I try my best to read and experience what fellow writers have written, even those who very eloquently leave 'nice' as a comment.

I love to read comments on fellow writers posts, left by some people who I have come to identify as being generous and skilled. I marvel at their ability to reach out without sounding trite and repetitive. 

What do these writing groups/prompts and comments mean to me? I am at a place and time in myself that I can appreciate anything that gets me writing and keeps me writing. My participation in them, got the juices started and kept them flowing. Writing 'Introspection' on this website is a step forward. I am writing non-fiction that has nothing to with my area of expertise of HR Strategy and Organisation Development or web content development for corporate portals. Goody! :)

There are a lot of cool places you can hang out at if you are a writer/poet or desirous of being a writer/poet.

www.shewrites.com has more than 16000 writer members and several groups. You will find a lot of support there. 

dVerse is a very good one for prompts and some very informative posts. You will love them. Visit www.dversepoets.com

Image prompts: You must visit http://magpietales.blogspot.com/ Tess Kincaid puts up amazing pictures for you to interpret and "keep your muse alive and well". 

You should also visit www.onestopoetry.com. They are not active. But the archives are a treasure trove. Just plunge in; learn and enjoy!

There are several writer groups on Facebook. You can check out http://www.facebook.com/groups/AuthenticBloggerGroup/

Feel welcome to leave your comments. You know I would love to hear from you.

© 2011 Padmavani Karkera
August 10, 2011


  1. I write because it is what I like and enjoy doing. For beginners it is nice to stop by the various blog groups to get to know the huge range of writers bloggers artist photographers and so on. It is nice to build a communication with them for support or to just ask questions.
    Slowly build or find your niche and hence the feedback or comments will be more real and honest....This post is great food for thought!

  2. Great post Padmavani! This is the first type of post I've seen you do, Padmavani, and it is an excellent blend of personal disclosure and great resources.
    Personally I don't like prompts because I just don't work that way. I could stare and think all day but if I'm not inspired it isn't going to happen. On the bright side I've never experienced 'writer's block' once and am constantly inspired to write about things that are happening in my world. I absolutely agree that good feedback is important, not sugary comments that are poor improvisations for true critique.
    Blogging and interaction with others is of extreme importance I find, as it hones one's craft. I try to respond very carefully and wisely to posts and to make sure my grammar is correct, so I am constantly 'practising.'
    Take care Padmavani.

  3. Padmavani, thanks for posting places where other writer can find inspiration and support. This is so important, especially for the beginner or for those suffering from writer's block.

    In writing my daily devotionals, I use the assigned readings from the Book of Common Prayer (Anglican/Episcopal). I read and meditate upon them until a verse hits my heart and the writing begins to gel. I know the scripture that found me is correct when the words and ideas flow freely and easily. I am so blessed in this, and am thankful beyond words to God for this gift.

    Keep up the writing and don't let any block stand in your way!


  4. Padmavani, This is my first visit to your blog and I like what I see. A person who knows what she wants and who likes frank and honest opinions from others. I love prompts on days when I can't put two words together in my head. Thanks for the links, will be coming back for more of your writings.

  5. Padmavani, nice post.
    I write because I like to and all my writings need not be good and may not be liked by others. Yes, I do like to be appreciated, it is an encouragement to amateurs like us. Thanks for the links.

  6. Thanks for the useful links. I agree with you about comments, and appreciate getting feedback on my posts. One of my blogs had a bit of Indian classical got interesting reponses from 'non-Indians'. I do get both useful and appreciative comments on my blogs- would like more from other aspiring writers! I did a guest post recently, on sweepyjean's blog- got a wider range of responses.

  7. First time visitor to your blog - very interesting entry. I did chuckle at 'Personally, I don't care much for polite comments or praise that sound like cat calls to come read and comment back'. As a relative newbie to the many Bloggers groups on FB, I find those comments that say 'great blog, am following, please follow mine' to be unnerving. When I get to their blog and find for me it is of no particular interest (this is not a comment on their own skill, these things are personal choice - if it does not stimulate me to comment/respond, that is not because they have failed), I wonder what the 'etiquette' is - leaving a cursory 'nice blog' seems more rude than not leaving a comment at all. But on the flip side, I agree with @Savira Gupta that it is good to have these groups when starting out to go to and get support/feedback on your blog...


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